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Brand Name(s): Ortho-Prefest (combination with

CAS nš: 35189-28-7
(nor JESS tih mate)

What is Norgestimate?

Norgestimate is a molecule used in hormonal contraceptives. It is usually used in combination with estradiol, and sold under the trade name Ortho-PrefestŪ.

Estradiol is a female sex hormone that is involved in the development and maintenance of the female reproductive system. On the other hand, norgestimate is a form of progesterone, which is a female hormone important for the regulation of ovulation and menstruation.

When combined, these two drugs are used to treat the symptoms of menopause such as feelings of warmth in the face, neck and chest, or sudden intense spells of heat and sweating (hot flushes), to treat vulvar and vaginal changes (itching, burning, dryness in or around the vagina, difficulty or burning with urination) caused by menopause, and to prevent thinning of the bones (osteoporosis).

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